Bath Bomb Packaging

The blatant and bewitching look of custom bath bomb boxes vying the attention of the target audience in seconds on the retailer’s shelves. A bath bomb is generated from the dry ingredients that effervesce when it throws in the water and makes your bath time fun. So, it requires opulent and garish bath bomb packaging boxes that make your brand stand out in the sea of competition. On this subject, “the City Of Packaging UK” is one of the luminous bath bomb packaging suppliers that confer the colossal variety of styles of the packaging. Likewise,   1-pieces box, 2- pieces box, window boxes, hexagon boxes, sleeves boxes, and pyramid boxes. We offer the use of eco-friendly packaging in the UK for our environment-conscious customers. Our brand offers various sorts of material for bath bomb packagings like cardboard, corrugated, rigid, Kraft and bux. Cardboard bath bomb tubes superlatively serve the best for exchanging as gifts. On the other hand, rigid bath bomb boxes are also popular for the luxuries and swanky look of your products. Well, bath bomb packaging solutions are available in versatile sorts of vivid or sparkling colours and shapes as per the envy of the customers. We also offer wholesale bath bomb packaging all over the UK for our trustworthy customers. 

  • Use of metallic shades
  • Various customised and personalised sizes 
  • Decorative accessories with top-ribbon
  • Use of eco-friendly and decomposable material
  • Adopt tray and punch partitions for 3 or 5-piece bath bomb packaging  

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