Book Boxes

Custom book boxes are the preeminent source to protect your books from any sorts of diminishing effects. Also, custom book packaging containers are popular for managing and organizing your book impeccable method. If you are depressed and worried about your messy look at the table that you must try book storage boxes. Such boxes scattered the clatter of your workplace. By adopting customized book packaging boxes, you can grant the striking and bewitching look to your books on the shelves. So, the “City Of Packaging UK” is one of the brightening brands that endows the various options to make your book boxes up to the mark. We offer the collection for sizes, materials, designs, and additional add-on for your astonishing book boxes. For instance, our cardboard book boxes give out of the ordinary look of book cartons to engage the audience. All sorts of facets consider creating an imaginative and expedient book box for the target audience. Moreover, we offer the high-tech printed options with CMYK 4 colour for kid’s subscription box with the glisten and cheerful cartoon characters. We also bestow to print the logo and brand name on the personalized book boxes for the night of onlookers. Custom book boxes with a logo are a brilliant solution for the branding of your books in the market. Well, we offer enormous custom options as to wholesale for their loving customers. Because of wholesale book, packaging boxes are available on the low-cut rates that are favourable for everyone. 

  • Cardboard, Kraft, corrugated and rigid 
  • Customized and personalized sizes of boxes 
  • Placing logo and name 
  • Print in CMYK, PMS and four colour
  • Lamination 
  • Foiling 
  • Free shipping and designing
  • Easy setup and assembling of box 
  • Multiple flutes sizes are available for corrugated book boxes 
  • Offset printing, digital printing, and screen printing  
  • Ship in flat view 

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