Candle Boxes

The ostentatious and august look of custom candle boxes engrossing the customer’s attention for buying the products. Candles fill the moment with prestigious feelings and emotions. And the esthetic look of custom candle packaging boxes coercive the target audience for buying them. In this regard, the City Of Packaging” is one of the luminous custom candle packaging boxes manufacturers in the UK that endows the glisten and swanky candle containers. We offer versatile printed designs for candle cartons as per the envy of the target audience. Likewise, intricate lines, abstract design, use of pictorials, floral and bold letters design for candle boxes. We offer the abundant collection of customized options that escalates the glint value of candles. Add to this, we use quality cardstock in the fabrication of these boxes. Our rigid candles boxes are the perfect choice for bestowing as a gift to their loved ones. Also, we offer astonish looking candle gift boxes with the use of vivid and sparkling colour. Our brand endows the printed candle boxes with logo, name, ingredients and other info that assist your products to market in the sea of competition. Custom candle boxes in the UK are the best way to pack the candles in the personalized packaging as per the events. Like, birthdays, spiritual, wedding, Christmas and Halloween, etc. We offer wholesale luxury candle boxes with gold and silver foil for our loving customers at reasonable rates. We offer some tremendous things that entail below:

  • Pink candle boxes, black candles boxes, top -ribbon candle cartons and votive candle boxes
  • Luxury candle boxes wholesale 
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • 1-pieces, 2-pieces, 1-2-3 auto bottom closure, and hexagon candle boxes 
  • Laminations and UV coating to maintain the temperature
  • Embossing and debossing 
  • Wholesale  Production
  • Customized, personalized and standardized sizes of boxes

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