Folding Boxes

Custom folding boxes are shipped in the flat surface that you can fold in style before using. Such paperboard folding boxes can print using the information that is related to the products and mandatory to deliver the customers. Likewise, logo, brand name, and other info then laminated. After that, it can fold as per the edges for the folding of the box then glued to settle down. Our brand uses the latest machinery for the printing of folding cartons that escalate the growth of your brand stunningly. “City Of Packaging” is an outstanding brand that endows the stylish and ostentatious boxes in various folding shapes like customs folding pillow boxes, pyramid folding boxes, and gable folding boxes. In addition to this, we provide the best luxury wholesale folding gift hamper for our loving audience. Custom folding packaging solutions are existing customized and personalized sizes as per the envy of the customers. We also provide these boxes as wholesale for our loving customers. Because of wholesale custom printed folding boxes serve the bulk quantity of products in the low-cut rates for the audience.  Our experts are available 24/7 to support and guide you for the selection of boxes. We offer appealing things for our customers that are enlisting below for you:

  • Shipping is flat-form 
  • 3D view of the box with free sampling on your demand
  • 100 % free shipping with no hidden charges 
  • Cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, bux and rigid 
  • Offer handles and ribbon-top 
  • Bestow 200+ designs 
  • Low minimum star from 100 pieces 
  • Double-wall tuck top and four corners with display lid, five-panel hanger boxes, 1-2-3 auto bottom closure. 
  • Use eco-friendly inks and material for folding containers
  • Placing the logo with embossing effects 
  • Use gold and silver foil for brand name 
  • Window insertion on the box

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