Gable Boxes

Custom gable boxes are used for the storage purpose, and it is easy to carry them. It has handles at the top and looks like a gable shape; this packaging supply has a unique shape, and this the fundamental reason behind its huge demand. “City of Packaging UK” has a variety of stocks, materials, and styles for you. Our recent inventory has more than 200 + motifs and sizes boxes. Ours customise and personalise gable boxes are best for the gifts, either small or large size gifts. We vow to deliver your artwork printed boxes in gable shape for your valuable products. Such boxes are used for the retail purpose, and you can pack any stuff in it. Explore the right kind of box from our collection. Moreover, we customise it for you that meets your standards. We have an array of gable style boxes and its variants. Wholesale custom gable boxes are made with a single sheet of cardboard, that’s why it’s handles are sturdy and overwhelmingly strong to carry weight in the box. We ship gable boxes packaging in a flat surface that can be set to the shape by interlocking or folding. We have a single colour, PMS, CMYK, frosted colour and 4 colours printing options. Add to this, window gable boxes, die-cut gable boxes, with a variety of textures, orienting patterns, flag printed, logo printed, and metallic shades foiling for the retail and branding purpose are made here. This depends on what you are offering to the customers, either for the gifts or product safety. We append fine edges cutting, embossing, and other coatings for the finishing purpose and make them presentable. Furthermore, you can pack candies, chocolates, gifts, cosmetic items, favors, and retail products. 

  • Customise and personalise
  • Cardboard, Kraft and corrugated made
  • Starts from 100 boxes
  • Good for the gifts and other purposes
  • Made by Eco-friendly material

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