Invitation Boxes

The aristocratic and illustrious custom invitation boxes append the emotions of the person for inviting their loved ones at special events. It is a mandatory chunk of occasions to make precious memories for a whole life. In this regard, the selection of glisten and swanky look of invitation boxes having an imperative place. So, gingerly selecting the invitation box supplier is the primary step. So, “City Of Packaging UK” is one of the top-notch brands that cherish and adored invitation boxes for their trustworthy customers. Custom made invitation boxes bequeath enormous options to make your invitation cards up to the mark. We provide mesmerizing and vivid colour schemes for invitations boxes in the UK with the use of CMYK, PMS, and 4 colours.  In addition to this, we allude to some bravura styles for invitation containers like 1-pieces box, 2- piece box, sleeve box, and pillow boxes. Next to this, the insertion of the window grants the aesthetic look in front of the audience. For granting the more luxuries touch to your invitation boxes, the use of foiling with embossing enhances the beautification of boxes. It endows the sophisticated and classy look to your invitations. The use of glitzy and glint text letters to print the greeting and personalized notes on the custom printed invitation boxes make your brand memorable in the mind of the target audience. You could easily get these options in wholesale invitation boxes at low cut rates for the customers. We endow entrancing things to you that make our brand elegant from the rest of others. 

  • Customized and personalized as per the customer’s envy
  • Use gold and silver foil 
  • Embossing and debossing effects 
  • Recyclable and biodegradable material 
  • Free shipping with 100% surety for the quality 
  • Low minimum start with 100 pieces 
  • We offer 200+ designs for invitations boxes 

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