Medicine Boxes

Custom medicine boxes are abundant and paramount requisite to secure the tablets from harmful damaging effects. The protection of the medication is hard but never impossible. You need to select the quality encasements that are filled form the mandatory printing information. With the quality cardstock, you also require the ostentatious and bravura design of medicine boxes that speak aloud the awesome outcomes of these medicines. In recent times, tablets and pills medicines boxes are also used to organize medication in the alluring and enchanting way. The “City Of Packaging UK” is one of the preeminent brands that endow the customised styles for the sensitive medicine boxes that secure the medication. Also bestowing the bewitching look of a medicine packaging box in front of the onlookers. The most used medicine boxes in the UK are the tuck-in, 1-2-3 auto bottom closure, seal ends, pillow-shaped boxes and sleeve boxes.  Our custom printed medicine boxes are bestowing the expedient and gaudy artsy of medication in the chemist shelves. In printing we place the logo, brand name, a dosage of the medicines as per age of the user and other related info on the box that market your products in the industry elegantly.  We offer wholesale printed medicine boxes to serve the bulk quantity of products at reasonable rates. We offer some appealing things that are mentioned below:

  • Cardboard, Kraft, bux, rigid and corrugated 
  • Customised, personalised and standardised sizes 
  • Use eco-friendly material 
  • Free shipping with 100% customer satisfaction
  • Use inserts and Eva foam for sensitive gales bottles 
  • Use CMYK, PMS, And 4 color printing
  • Apply lamination, UV coating and aqueous coating 
  • Insertion of window 
  • Use embossing and debossing effects 
  • Holographic effects for the trademark authentication

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