Window Boxes

Custom window boxes are famous for bestowing the astounding and ostentatious look of products in front of the customer. The paramount quality of these boxes provides the transparency and visibility with an emblazon look. Window boxes in the UK are massively used to pack the bakery products, cosmetics, retail products, medicines, CBD products, food, and beverages. Basically, these boxes have the PVC sheet on the top side of the box or in the lid. It endows the ornate image of the quality of the product in the mind of customers. So, “City Of Packaging UK” is the top-notch brand that endows the tantalizing and sublime quality of window boxes for their potential customers with a variety of shapes. Our brand offers enormous options of custom die-cut window boxes for their potential customers. Likewise, leaves, petals, hexagon, octagon, star, heart, and green tea leaves. We offer custom window packaging boxes by using the various sorts of card stock. For instance, cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and bux board. In addition to this, if you could escalate your product sales, then the use of windows intelligently on the boxes make your brand stand out in the pool of competitors. You can also print your window boxes as per the requirement of the products. Custom printed window boxes deliver the content that is related to the products and market your brand by uplifting to the next level. By using our graphic designs and motifs, you make your brand afloat in the industry. Our brand provides wholesale window packaging at affordable rates for our loving clients. We offer some meticulous things that make our best from others. 

  • Customised and personalised sizes of the boxes 
  • Various sizes for window die cut 
  • Selection from the single-sided window And the double-sided window 
  • Use foiling and embossing
  • Lamination
  • UV coating and aqueous coating
  • Placing the logo and brand name 
  • Use CMYK, PMS, and 4/4 color 
  • Screen printing, digital printing, and offset printing
  • Endow 2D and 3D mockups and templates 
  • Decorative materials like ribbons and tapes

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